17 Years of Childrens Forced, the Church Pulls the Rev HL’s Assets in Surabaya

17 Years of Childrens Forced, the Church Pulls the Rev. HL’s Assets in Surabaya – After being no longer seen at the HFC Church on Jalan Embong Sawo Surabaya, the HL priest position was replaced by Xavier. This replacement was due to accusations of child molestation for 17 years by HL pastor.

17 Years of Childrens Forced

Previously, HL pastors were always active in spiritual and blessing programs at the church.

However, since the alleged sexual abuse of underage victims until they reached adulthood was revealed, the HL pastor was no longer registered with the church. It is still unknown whether it was removed or indeed disappeared.

A SuaraJatim.id source said that aside from no longer showing up his nose, the assets of HL pastors obtained from the church were also withdrawn.

The assets are in the form of a car that is used to transport HL pastors in filling spirituality and church events in several places.

“Pastor HL was given a car from the church. Now it has been pulled by the church,” said a source who is an insider.

At the HFC church, continued Tejo, the wife of the pastor HL also often fills spiritual events. That was proven by the informative news published in the church’s bulletin which was published once a week. 17 Years of Childrens

If this is the wife of the priest HL. Still often filling events at church, “he explained again while pointing at the picture of a woman in the bulletin.

Until now SuaraJatim.id is still looking for the presence of HL pastors and contacted the church to confirm. But lately the HL pastor was not in the church.

Previously, a priest in Surabaya allegedly molested his congregation. Unmitigated, the priest with the initials HL molested his victim for 17 years or since the victim was 9 years old.

Jeanie Latumahina, a female activist who was asked to escort a case that had been reported to the East Java Regional Police on February 20, 2020 with the number LPB / 155 / II / 2020 / UM / SPKT, said that the case was revealed when the victim with the initial IW (26) was going to get married.

The IW family conveyed that the marriage blessing will take place in a church led by Rev. HL. But hysterically IW refused strongly if the blessing was led by Rev. HL.

“So when this child is going to get married at the church, he refuses. He finally tells things that should not have happened at the place of worship,” said Jeanie met at the Central Police Integrated Service Center (SPKT) of East Java Regional Police.

Upon exposing the depraved actions, continued Jeanie, the victim suffered severe depression. According to him at this time what was needed by the victim was support from family and community.

“Our presence here provides support. Because he revealed something that should not be experienced by Indonesian women, and I am very sad about this, especially done by people who should be leaders and he guides the child,” he said.

So, he continued, Jeannie also voiced for Indonesian women, when they experience violence in any form, do not ever feel afraid to report to the authorities.

“Because there are laws for the protection of women and children that regulate and indeed protect the rights of women and children in Indonesia,” he said. Bandar Ceme Poker Dewa

He also hopes that the police will immediately reveal the case clearly. So that no more women in Indonesia become victims of sexual violence.

“Certainly, I think that investigators at the East Java Regional Police will express this clearly, yes. I am here as a request from the victim’s family to see the process that has been reported at the East Java Regional Police,” he concluded.

While the Head of East Java Police Public Relations Commissioner Pol Trunoyudo when asked how far the investigation of this case, still could not provide an explanation in detail.

“I’ll study the case file first, okay?”