Guide to Playing AduQ Online

Guide to Playing AduQ Online – AduQ Online is one game that was very popular in ancient times until now in Indonesia. Playing AduQ is almost the same as the game BandarQ. Only difference between the two games is that AduQ plays without using the bookie while BandarQ plays using the city.

For the game AduQ Online Terpercaya will play with bets nominal equal and bets will be place in the center of the table. Then the player participating in the bet will be give the card. After that, all the players in the game table will have their cards stirred. For those who have the highest score card, they will be the winner. If some of the players who have the highest score are the same, then the card that is see is the twin card. If each player does not have a ball then it will be determined from the highest card value owned.

Guide to Playing AduQ Online

The Cara Bermain AduQ Online game can be playing by a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 people. The card used is a domino card consisting of 28 cards, each with a different value card. The cards that are distribute randomly will no one know that they will get any cards. Before you start playing, then you must first understand the basics of the game of Trusted AduQ Online.

AduQ Online

How to calculate the card that you have

  • For cards that are worth more than 9, they are reduce by a value of 10.
  • For cards that are worth more than 19, then reduce the value by 20.

There are also Steps to Play AduQ Guidelines

  1. Bring enough chips into the table you choose.
  2. To play AduQ rely more on luck or humor. But here you can determine which seat is more hockey, but this does not apply to all players.
  3. To play, no one wins continuously in the long run. Then you have to know BandarQ Online Terpercaya when to stop and when to play again.
  4. If you want to play again, then you have to withdraw the initial capital deposit or more of your capital.

Rules for Playing AduQ

  • Minimum players in the AduQ table are 2 and a maximum of 8 people.
  • Players must choose the amount of bets on the table in the lobby.
  • Participants will be give a Buy In option before sitting in the chosen seat.
  • The player will automatically place a bet on the table for a minimum of Buy In.
  • Players will be give 2 dominoes.
  • The winner will be determine from the combine value of 2 dominoes that have been distribute, for those who get the highest card then as the winner.
  • If several players get the same highest score, they will be seen from the balak card. If the same does not have a balak then it is seen from the highest value on the card owned.
  • The player who wins will be determined automatically after the player’s card has been opened.