Guide Complete Agen Deposit Pulsa

Guide Complete Agen Deposit Pulsa. Credit Deposit Poker Agent is an agent that provides a variety of games that can be played using only 1 user id or account. What games are available in 99Ceme are Poker, Domino99, Bandar Ceme, Ceme Keliling, Omaha, Super10, and Capsa Susun.

99Ceme is an online ceme site that uses IDNPLAY server with super fast server speed. 99Ceme agents provide the best service for you all. If you experience a problem, you can contact via the live chat that is available. LiveChat which is available in 99Ceme Online will be online for 1×24 hours every day without stopping. You will be served by CS or Customer Service that is reliable or professional in their fields with a friendly, polite, kind and quick problem solving.


Guide Complete Agen Deposit Pulsa

Now in 99Ceme Agents have provided deposit services via credit. Now you do not need to be complicated anymore, you have to go to the nearest bank or ATM. You want to make a hassle free deposit, you can deposit it via your existing credit or to the nearest or favorite counter.

In the 99Ceme Site, only Telkomsel operators have available credit deposits. Other operators will soon follow, such as Tri (3), XL, and so on. In deposit via credit have several ways you Ceme Terpercaya can do, namely:

Via Credit Deposit System In 99Ceme

  1. The operator for credit deposits in 99Ceme is Telkomsel. Other operators will follow soon.
  2. Before making a deposit, you first confirm via livechat or social media such as WA, Wechat or others. To ask the destination number so there is no credit transfer error.
  3. Minimum Credit Deposit of 20,000 and will be deducted according to the specified rate.
  4. Minimum withdrawal of 50,000 and for withdrawing it will go into the account that you registered in that account and open it again.
  5. If you have transferred credit, then you immediately confirm to live chat on the site you are playing. And what you need to confirm is if through your own number, confirm your mobile number, nominal and user id. As for the counter or so, you confirm with your SN or serial number, user id and number you transferred.

Agen Deposit Pulsa

How to Transfer Telkomsel Voucher With * 858 *

The first way, you can deposit via via * 858 * on the credit in the card that you have and you are currently using.

  • First you open the CALL or CALL menu.
  • Then you type * 858 * number of credit transfer destination * nominal transfer #
    Example: * 858 * 081245670123 * 50000 #
  • After you have entered the method then you press Call / Call / OK
  • Then you check again at the destination number and nominal sent. If everything is correct, then you select menu 1 (agree)
  • How to Transfer Credit Through the Counter
  • The second way is by going to the nearest counter or the counter of your subscription. Before you go to the nearest or favorite counter. It is better if you come first to live chat to ask for the destination number. After you get the destination number, after that you can transfer the credit.
  • If you have transferred credit, all you need to confirm to live chat is to provide the serial or SN number, user id and nominal that you transferred.

How to Transfer Through OVO and Internet Banking

The third way is to transfer Poker Deposit OVO or internet banking. After you have made a pulse transfer, then you screenshot the proof of the transfer. Then you confirm return to the live chat by providing a photo proof of the transfer, user id, and nominal that you transferred.

It’s easy to Poker Deposit Pulsa? what are you waiting for. You do not need to go or go to a bank or ATM anymore now that you have made it easier to make a deposit. And immediately register yourself on the 99Ceme site.