Corona Covid-19 Update : 8,944 Died, 84,386 Healed

Corona Covid-19 Update : 8,944 Died, 84,386 Healed – The Covid-19 corona virus has now infected 173 countries and territories. Every day, the data shown on the page in real time has increased.

On Thursday (3/19/2020) at 00.29 GMT, Worldometers noted there were 218,768 cases of corona virus infection worldwide. The number of patients currently dying is 8,944. However, as many as 84,386 people have been declared cured of Covid-19.

Corona Covid-19 Update

In Italy, new cases continue to grow and there are thousands. There have been 4,207 new cases that have made a total of 35,713 cases in the country. This figure almost touched 50 percent of the number of cases that exist in China as a center of distribution.

In addition, new deaths increased 475 lives, while 1,084 new heals were also reported in Italy. La Republicca reported Covid-19 had infected 2,629 health workers or 8.3 percent (twice the percentage in China) of the total as of March 17.

While in Bergamo, in the Lombardy region, 118 of 600 family doctors have been infected, and a 65-year-old doctor died. On this day, a 57-year-old doctor also reportedly died.  World Health Organization

Indonesia itself has experienced a significant increase in positive Covid-19 cases. As of Wednesday (3/18/2020), 55 new cases Corona Covid-19 Update increased, 11 were declared cured, and 19 people died.

“There are an additional 55 positive cases. So that the total up to now at 12.00 WIB is 227 positive cases,” Yurianto said in a press statement.

DKI Jakarta is the province with the most positive citizens of the Covid-19 corona virus. Counting 125 people living in the capital city have been declared infected by the virus from China. This information was taken from the information provider site about corona in Jakarta, corona.

In the above site, the Provincial Government divides the corona case into two, namely positive and awaiting results. Waiting for the results here means that the person concerned is a patient with corona symptoms and has had Corona Covid-19 Update interactions with positive patients. This person has been examined and the specimen is being tested in a laboratory.

In Jakarta, a total of 478 positive cases or waiting for results. In addition to 125 people tested positive for corona, 353 others are awaiting results. This data is an update until March 18, 2020.