Does Indonesia need Lockdown like Malaysia

Does Indonesia need Lockdown like MalaysiaDoes Indonesia need Lockdown like Malaysia – Malaysia has decided to lockdown in an effort to stop the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19). Lockdown is carried out for two weeks starting from March 18, 2020.
Then, does Indonesia need to follow in Malaysia’s footsteps?

Economic observer David Samual said that indirectly Indonesia, especially Jakarta, had implemented a semi lockdown. Given a number of work and learning activities carried out from home.

Actually, now the lockdown on the streets is already quiet, the traffic is half the usual. Civil servants, schools have also been closed, tourist attractions are closed so it’s semi lockdown, said David.

According to him, the policy of conducting a semi lockdown is sufficient to anticipate the spread of the corona virus to see developments occur. That way can maintain the availability of hospitals to be fulfilled.

Does Indonesia need Lockdown like Malaysia

In my opinion, semi lockdown is good enough to avoid the spread (corona virus) so that our hospital infrastructure can handle, he explained.

Contacted separately, Research Director of the Indonesian Center for Reform on Economics (CORE) Piter Abdullah said that deciding to lockdown was not an easy thing considering there had to be various preparations made by the government.

The lockdown must be carefully considered. Really details are not the origin of the policy, he said.

For current conditions, he invites the public to comply with government directives to reduce outside activities and reduce physical contact.

We don’t want lockdown, what we can do now is limited isolation. But this must be followed by a truly disciplined Berita Harian Terkini society because actually the corona virus is not a deadly problem or not, but rather the virus is very contagious, that’s dangerous, he said.