How To Play Domino QQ Online

How To Play Domino QQ Online – In addition to the Texas Hold’em variation poker game. In Asia especially in Indonesia, Domino Qiu Qiu is a very popular game. We easily find online gambling agents that offer Domino Qiu Qiu game products. Of course this game is classified as an online poker gambling game.

Before discussing how to play Domino Qiu Qiu. It is very important for beginners to know everything about Domino cards first. Based on existing searches, Domino card games come from China. Precisely when the festival in Wulin took place or better known as the city of HangZhou before. During the reign of King XiaoZong of the Song Dynasty. Domino was use as a gambling medium, as was the dice.

The game that appeare in early 1120 AD was only play by the nobility in the beginning. But now almost all groups can play it. In fact, many online games featuring a wide variety of Domino card games. And games originating from Asia are increasingly spreading to the plains of Europe.

Domino QQ Online

Domino cards or in some places in Indonesia are call by Gapleh or Gaplek cards, a set of 28 cards. Each card is usually about 3 × 5 cm in size and each card is separate by a line into two sides. Number markers on Domino cards generally use red or black circles, from numbers 0 to 6. The following is an example of the complete because arrangement of 28 Domino cards.

How To Play Domino QQ Online

After learning about the basic knowledge but of Domino cards. Now is the time to learn about one of the most popular online gambling products in Indonesia. Namely Domino Qiu Qiu. In this game, each player will get and four Dominoes. Of these four cards, the player must produce two pairs of cards with the highest value on each side, the left side and the right side.

But before moving to the highest to lowest ranking card array in but Domino QQ Online. Here are the grouping of 6 series of cards to make it easier to play Domino Qiu Qiu:

  • Series 0

In series 0 there are 7 cards and each card has a side with 0 rounds or blanks.

  • Series 1

There are 6 cards in series 1 and each card has a contents with 1 circle.

  • Series 2

The number of cards classified in this group is 5 and in each card there are 2 circles.

  • Series 3

There are 4 cards in class 3 and each card has a side with 3 spheres.

  • Series 4

The number of cards for this group is 3 and each card has a side with 4 spheres.

  • Series 5

For card class 5, there are only 2 cards. And each card has 5 round edges.

  • Series 6

There is only one card for this series and it has 6 rounds on each side.

In the Domino Qiu Qiu game there are separate provisions for counting the number of cards, that is, the circle exceeds 9. Then the first digit is ignore and only the second digit is take because into account. Because indeed in this game, the highest and number is 9.

For example if you have a pair of cards with the number 7 + 6 = 13. Then the value of your card is 3 only. In one of the Domino Qiu Qiu online games like in DominoQQ Online. The number of your cards will automatically be display on the screen.

In the Domino Qiu Qiu game, the six god cards have the highest score. What combinations of cards to produce it? Here is the complete list:

1. Six Gods Card

This is the highest type of card that Domino Qiu Qiu players can have online. It is certain that players with this card will come out the winner because of the game.

2. Twin or Balak Cards

Of the 28 Domino cards there are only 6 numbers of twin cards. And your chances of winning the game but with this card are 80%. Because this group of cards can still be defeat with a six god card.

3. Small Pure Cards

Special cards of this class can be generate from combinations of circles that number between 6 and 9.

Examples of the arrangement of cards in this group are cards (0-3), (0-1, (0-4) and (0-0) which number is 8.

4. Pure Big Card

If in your hand you have a combination of cards that total 39 to 43. Then the ranking of your hand is purely large.

Examples of cards arranged in the but category if you have cards like (6-6), (5-6), (5-5) and (4-6) are 43.