Greece Finally Lockdown Residents Due to Errant Citizens

Greece Finally Lockdown Residents Due to Errant Citizens – Greece implemented a policy of locking the country since Monday, March 23, 2020. Citing Business Insider, the locking was triggered by stubborn Greeks and violating the rules of self-isolation, to inhibit the corona virus.

Initially, the Greek government forbade its citizens to their second homes (private islands) to isolate themselves. But the non-residents live instead on remote islands where health facilities are minimal.

The warning for self-isolation was issued after the corona virus spread throughout Europe. But the isolation did not stop some Greeks from fleeing to remote islands off the coast. According to the Greek City Times, not only Greeks migrated to the island, but European Union residents also headed for the islands in the Yunnani region. Kartu Poker

The Greek government is concerned, the small islands do not have adequate health facilities, so on Saturday, March 21, 2020, Greek authorities announced it was stopping ferry services for non-residents of the island.

Interisland ferries only serve islanders. Referring to the Greek City Times report, the rule was to stem the spread of the corona virus outbreak. Learn from the case in Italy. Greece finally ordered a lockdown or lockdown nationally.

The lockdown, which took effect on Monday, is a response to residents who oppose orders to stay at home, according to the Greek City Times. Over the past few days, thousands of people have fled Athens and other big cities to the countryside and islands, raising concerns that they could spread the virus throughout the country.

“I will not let some reckless people damage the safety of the majority, because some irresponsible people can endanger thousands of responsible citizens,” Kyriakos Prime Minister Mitsotakis announced in a television news broadcast on Sunday, March 20, 2020.

Under the strict lockdown policy, residents are not allowed to leave their homes apart from important reasons, Business Insider reviewed. Permissible traveling includes going to work, buying groceries, visiting a doctor, going to the bank, serious family needs, and exercising alone or in pairs.

Residents who leave the house, must carry an identity card and a “Certificate of Citizens’ Movement” form. Forms, which can be printed from the internet, require citizens to write their full names, permanent residence, time of movement, and reasons for moving.

To help enforce restrictions, the country uses aircraft and reconnaissance helicopters. Residents who do not heed the lock restrictions will be fined € 150 (US $ 162).

Prothero, a citizen of Athens, observed that locals fled the city “because they were considered safe in their ancestral village,” before the lockout took effect.