Humans Were Amazed To See The Jungle Cat Jumping

Humans Were Amazed To See The Jungle Cat Jumping

Humans Were Amazed To See The Jungle Cat Jumping – The wild and its life always have interesting views for us. Like seeing a jungle cat jumping nimbly and astonishing.

Bobcat or also known as bobcat attracts attention on Youtube. after being recorded jumping on a dam. This bobcat was caught on camera on Pecan Island, Louisiana.

A beautiful and lightweight jump makes this bobcat viral in cyberspace. Many people are fascinated by the leap of the black cat.
As reported by Bored Panda, a biologist at the University of Cape Town, Laurel Serieys revealed that forest cats can jump easily with a distance of several meters. They are agile, athletic and jump animals like those caught on camera are very easy for the bobcat.

Laurel also added that in the video the cat also tried to avoid getting soaked into the river. And for larger cat sizes, jumping at a distance like in the video is very easy. Bobcat can jump in one jump along 6 meters.

The video uploaded by this ViralHog account is 23 seconds long. Since it was uploaded on May 12, the video has been watched more than a million times.

In his statement, ViralHog wrote that this video was recorded on April 15, 2020 in Pecan Island, Louisiana, United States. The video ceme online jakarta recorded while fishing and saw the bobcat crossing.

He immediately pulled out his cellphone and thought Bobcat failed to jump and get into the water. But in the recorded if they were surprised and amazed by the bobcat. That floated lightly while jumping from one side of the bridge to the other bridge.