Jambi Residents Check Identity and Health

Jambi Residents Check Identity and HealthJambi Residents Check Identity and Health – The Regent of Merangin Jambi, Alharis tightened the rules of entry into his territory as an effort to prevent transmission of the Corona virus (COVID-19). Alharis claimed that he would alert his staff to conduct medical tests on those who want to go to Merangin through the Airport in Bungo Regency.

We will prepare officers at the airport in Bungo Regency which is very close to Merangin Regency, where the officer will examine residents who have come to enter Merangin Regency, Alharis told reporters on Monday (3/23/2020).

Officers will also check their identities and check their health. Identity checks to make it easier for officers to record residents if there are symptoms of illness and to be able to monitor their health, he added.

Jambi Residents Check Identity and Health

Not only that, Alharis also made other efforts to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. One effort is to distribute masks to motorists.

We have instructed the Department of Health to distribute masks to crowded places such as on roads, markets and loading and unloading locations to avoid the spread of the Corona virus in Merangin District. This virus is increasingly worrying in Indonesia, Alharis explained.

Jambi Regency Government also instructed the closure of tourist attractions for Cara Main DominoQQ the next 14 days. The local government urges its citizens to stay at home and not hold activities that involve large crowds.

Previously, the government had updated the Corona virus positive case data in Indonesia. Data as of today, of 579 positive cases of Corona virus, 1 of which is in Jambi.

In Jambi, the number of people on the Corona virus monitoring list was 144 people. For patients in handlers (PDP) as many as 13, 2 of whom have been allowed to go home after being declared Corona negative.