Middle School Boy in Tanjung Priok Fighting for Entertainment during Corona Vacation, 1 Killed

Middle School Boy in Tanjung Priok Fighting for Entertainment during Corona Vacation, 1 Killed – The brawl took place under the toll road Warakas VI, Gang 17, Warakas Village, Tanjung Priok District, North Jakarta, Wednesday (3/18) last week. The culprit is a bunch of kids who were supposed to study at home due to the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic.

Tanjung Priok Police Chief Commissioner Budi Cahyono said the brawl involved nine teenagers.

Middle School Boy

One of them had the initial MH (14) died as a result of a sharp weapon by the suspect HF (14), who was none other than his own schoolmate.

When examined, Budi said that the boy who was still in junior high school reasoned that he would fight in Warakas to look for entertainment.

“These children should be at home instead looking for their own activities. So this is a brawl for entertainment. This is for their entertainment,” Budi said when contacted on Monday (3/23/2020).

Budi explained, this brawl started when the nine of them exercised futsal, then teased each other on social media to end up challenging each other to fight under the Warakas VI toll road.

“Initially, this group of victims carried out futsal activities, there were approximately nine people. One of these victims groups, Middle School Boy scoffing through Instagram, with groups of perpetrators,” said Budi.

Clashes broke out between two groups of gangsters from Tangerang or precisely at Jembatan Merah, Kampung Tanah Gocap, Karawaci Village, Karawaci District, Tangerang City, on Sunday (3/29/2020) at 3:00 pm West Indonesia Time. Both groups are both carrying sharp weapons.

The Head of the Jakarta Metro City Police Public Relations Commissioner Abdul Rachim said the two groups had made an agreement to fight with carrying sharp weapons through social media Instagram, or on the account “georgia2015” from Sepatan’s agreement with “slonongboy” from Babakan.

“The incident took place yesterday Sunday (3/29) at 3:00 a.m. WIB, the site of the incident at the Jembatan Merah Kp Tanah Gocap, Karawaci Village, Karawaci District, Tangerang City,” Abdul explained through his short message, Monday (3/30/2020). bandarq

Abdul explained that Tangerang Police and Karawaci Police Metro Tangerang City Police succeeded in securing 21 people and 3 people carrying sharp weapons. The action of the brand was troubling residents in the midst of handling the Corona or Covid-19 virus pandemic.

“The one who brought sharps is processed according to the law. While other brawl perpetrators are coached to be contacted by parents and make a statement, “he explained. Middle School Boy