How To Play Bandar Poker

How To Play Bandar Poker – Bookie Poker is a type of online card game developed from Zynga Texas Hold’em Poker. In addition to having a similar name, it turns out that How to Play Poker is also very similar to How to Play Poker. Instead of being curious, just watch the but full information below.

Despite the similarity in the way to play, it looks different and needs to be seen. Here are some important information that you should know for How to Play Bandar Poker, namely:

  • Play Poker
  • Poker Game Stage
  • Jackpot Game Pker
  • Play Poker

The only short way to play How to Play Bandar Poker is to get acquainted with this game. There are a number of important things in the Bandar Game that you because should know, namely:

Bandar Poker Game System
Bandar Poker is a game card that can be played by 2 to 8 people. In this game, but there will be 1 person who is played as a dealer and the player is played as a player.

Bandar Poker

How To Play Bandar Poker

The main goals of the game are collected based on the role you take, namely:

  • If playing as a Bandar, you are required to have a Poker Order Card higher than because all players.
  • If you play as a Player, you are required to have a Card Combination Order higher than that of the Bandar.
  • Important: Money Players Bets will be asked if they have the same card combination as the Bandar.

The Bandar Poker game is very popular with many people, because every player has the opportunity to become a Bandar. The need to become a dealer also helps, you only need to bring the chip and according to the value that applies to a table.

Poker Cards at the Bandar Game

Besides having the and opportunity to become a dealer, this game does not use all existing Remi Cards. The Bookie Poker game only wears Remi Cards, namely: 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and As.

Playing cards on Bandar Poker games

Contrary to the Poker game that uses all Rummy cards, 52, the Poker game only uses 32 pieces of  because Rummy Cards. The game will feel more exciting and tense.

  • Poker Game Stage
    Besides Fun, Bandar Poker is also a simple game. The meaning of this easy word is that Poker is made easy to play. There are 3 stages of the game that you should know, namely:
  • Bandar Selection Stage
    At this stage, the game system will automatically select the but player who accepts the criteria to become a dealer. Only by bringing money in accordance with but the terms of the game, can each player try to play as a Bandar.

Examples of city selection for Bookie Poker games 1

If there is more than one player who but meets the requirements to become a dealer, then the but opportunity to become a dealer will rotate with a because clockwise turn.

Examples of bookies on Bookie Poker 2

What happens if no player meets the requirements to become a Bandar? No player meets the requirements to become a Bandar.

If there are no players who meet the because requirements to become a Bandar, the game will not start. The system will continue to search because until there are players who meet the requirements to become a Bandar.

Betting Stage

After the player is selected to become a dealer, we will enter into because bets. Player is given 7 seconds to but receive the bet. But each player will be deemed to have passed the round of the game, if after finishing he still has not received a bet

Each player is allowed to place a bet before time runs out

Big bets can be placed differently, according to the values ​​listed in the game table where you play. After all bets have been placed, each player with a ticket because will get 2 cards.

Adu Card Stage

After the bet is placed, each player is given 20 seconds for the card

After the cards are distributed, each player and is given 20 seconds to get the card he obtained. On this occasion the excitement of the Poker game took place. We can peek at the card obtained by saving but the card.

pyrite or peek at a card

All cards will open automatically after 20 seconds, then there will be a card fighting stage where each player will compare the value of the card with the Bandar possession.

Stage of card fights on Bandar Poker games

Progressive Jackpot Game Bookie Poker
One thing that adds to because the excitement of playing Bookie Poker is its because Progressive Jackpot! Each player has the but opportunity to get a jackpot while but playing, only by but buying a Jackpot because ticket before the game round takes place.

Buy Poker City Jackpot Tickets

Here’s the Criteria for Poker Game Jackpot Cards
How to Play Bookie Poker Jackpot

Royal Flush if you get a Royal Flush Card then the jackpot you get is 80% of the game table jackpot.
Straight Flush if you get a Straight Flush Card then the jackpot you get is 30% of the game table jackpot.
Four of a Kind if you get a Four of a Kind Card then the jackpot you get is 10% of the game table jackpot.