Task Force Infantry Battalion 136 Set Up Trash Collection

Task Force Infantry Battalion 136 Set Up Trash Collection – For the sake of creating a clean and free environment from piles of organic and non-organic waste, personnel of the Wairiang Post SSK III Yonif RK 136 / TS Task Force set up a garbage collection basin at the Port of Wairiang, Negeri Kailolo, Kec. Haruku Island, Kab. Central Maluku.

Task Force Infantry Battalion 136 Set Up Trash Collection

The activity began with the amount of rubbish being blown from the sea to empty around Wairiang Harbor. Seeing this, then Dan SSK III First Lieutenant Judge Alif Fianto immediately ordered five Wairiang Post personnel led by Wadanpos Serda Guntur Makatita to coordinate with State officials to set up garbage collection tanks.

Kailolo State Secretary Abdullah Marasabessi said the port was the starting point for crossing on Haruku Island. “Hearing the information from the Task Force Post, I immediately invited residents to help the Pos members in making the garbage bin,” he said.

“It aims to have a positive impact on citizens in maintaining environmental hygiene, especially the cleanliness of trash that is around the State of Kailolo”.

“I represent the Kailolo Negri community very thankful to the RK 136 / TS Yonif Task Force who have sympathetic care for the cleanliness of the Wairiang port environment, because it is not only pleasing to the eye but if the environment is clean then the air we breathe feels fresh,” he said.

Honor the ancestors who have preceded, personnel of Liang Pos SSK II Special Task Force Infantry Battalion 136 / Tuah Sakti carry out community service at the Public Cemetery (TPU) of Liang Village, Salahutu District, Central Maluku Regency, Thursday (1/16/2020).

The community service activity was led directly by Letda Inf Firsan Hadly as the Commander of the Liang Post (Danpos) along with 6 of its members to help residents repair dozens of tombs that were damaged due to age-consuming. domino qq

Danpos Liang said that this dedication work was a place to foster awareness (task force) for the ancestors and relatives who had preceded it. “This activity can foster a spirit of community between citizens. With this community service, local residents find it very helpful, “he said.

In addition, this dedication work is also a form of awareness of Special Task Force 136 / Tuah Sakti Yonif Raid personnel to ease the burden on the residents and as a form of friendship with the residents of the villages they are guided.

One resident of Liang Village, Idris Waitemena expressed his gratitude to the task force members who had helped repair the damaged residents’ graves. According to him, members of the TNI are always present in the midst of the community, the relationship between citizens and the task force is very good. TNI always mingles for the community and is always present to carry out work together with the community, “he said.