The Menu Served to the King of the Netherlands at the Yogyakarta Palace

The Menu Served to the King of the Netherlands at the Yogyakarta Palace – The visit of the Dutch King Willem Alexander with Queen Maxima Zorreguieta Cerruti to the Yogyakarta Palace, Wednesday, March 11, 2020, coincided with lunch time.

The Menu Served

After being satisfied watching the legendary Beksan Ageng dance, Yogya Sultan Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono Buwono X invited the Dutch king and his family to have lunch at the Sweet Palace of the Palace.

Not to forget, the entourage who accompanied the King of the Netherlands was entertained in an area near the sweet ward, with similar menus.

The Menu Served to the King of the Netherlands at the Yogyakarta Palace

There are at least six lunch menus from the special Bale Raos restaurant, making a menu for the Keraton Yogyakarta family cuisine. Consists of four food menus and two drinks menu.

Then, what are the menus issued by Bale Raos during the visit of the Dutch King?

1. Roasted Goat

This menu is the first to be glimpsed by the invited guests, because the aroma of barbecued goat-style barbecue looks tempting. The selected goat meat is grilled with a spread of mustard and olive oil, then served with a series of vegetable curries and saute potatoes. In addition to taking as much meat as you can, guests are also given various choices of sauces such as soy sauce or orange sauce.

2. Brongkos Rice

A number of guests from the Netherlands seemed to enjoy visiting the Brongkos rice booth and eating it with gusto. The abundance of cuts of beef, combined with a sauce filled with thick tolo nuts plus bacem eggs, makes this distinctive Yogyakarta menu sold out. And must be refilled by the waiter in a short time.

3. Kopyok Noodle

Even though it comes from street food, but the presence of kopyok noodles in the middle of luxury menus remains a game of guests. How not, guests are initially required to mix their own kopyok noodle contents according to taste. There are fresh mustard greens, bean sprouts, also yellow noodles. After the noodle and vegetable concoction feels right, then a savory clear gravy containing a piece of beef plus a very soft koyoran. 99Bandar

4. Chicken Satay

The chicken satay served at lunch during the visit of the Dutch King Willem Alexander at Yogyakarta Palace, may be the same as the chicken satay commonly found on the outside. What makes a little difference may be just the size of a fairly large piece of meat, so eating just one stick may already be filling. In addition, the soft peanut sauce and cooked meat, but not burnt, makes this satay taste delicious.

5. Ginger Lime and Longan Ice

These two drinks are a success to refresh the thirst of invited guests during the visit of the King of the Netherlands. Mixing ginger spices mixed with fresh lime juice on the Ginger Lime menu makes the throat relieved instantly. While the Longan Ice menu becomes a cover that cannot be missed due to its lively appearance. Starting from the fresh longan fruit that has been peeled, nata de coco, pieces of lime plus cocopandan syrup makes it really refreshing.