This Couple Choose RV To Be A Home, Homes For Sale

This Couple Choose RV To Be A Home, Homes For Sale – A married couple chose to live in a Recreational Vehicle (RV) after 9 months of living on a bus. They turned this recreational vehicle into a residence. As reported by insider, Monday (03/02/2020) the couple Adam and Destiny Clayton got married in 2017 and live in their small house. However, in 2018, they renovated a bus into a mobile home. After a year, in 2019, the couple began to occupy this new ‘home’ with their dogs.

The bus they are renovating is like a house. Part of the interest in staying on a bus is based on the work of this couple who is a photographer and videographer.

Our work has allowed us to travel a lot, so we decided why not just bring our home? Destiny said.

Adam and Destiny sold their old house and its contents to be able to get a bus home. But apparently not easy, this anesthetic requires 4 times to replace the machine when they use it. Bandar Judi Ceme Terpercaya

After 9 months they moved, finally the couple decided to move to a recreational vehicle. They find happiness by traveling together despite many challenges.

This Couple Choose RV To Be A Home

We have been fortunate enough to be able to get around and see the tendency that it doesn’t take much to be happy, Adam said.

Staying in the RV was their choice, even though they had to leave the bus they had been renovating for a year.

People think we will be very sad to sell our bus because we have been working on it for a year. But I think at that time we hated it, Destiny said.

This Couple Choose RV To Be A Home, Homes For Sale

The couple bought an RV in August 2019 and renovated the vehicle in less than a month. There are lots of rooms that have large loads in the RV. For example, at the front there is a large storage room. The chair can also rotate, if you are parking, this room will be use as a guest room.

Basically it’s a big table and chair space, Adam said.

There is also a workspace for Adam and Clayton as photographers and videographers. Uniquely, this long table also has a small part for them to make a place to eat.

Aside from when we go out to do photography and videography, we work at home. So this is kind of our creative space and we have our own desk which is pretty good, Adam said.

There is an interesting part to expand our work space or become like a dining table and then stored, he added

For ample storage space, they modify the room according to their needs. They optimize the room in this car.

“Everything has more than one function,” Adam said.

Many challenges are faced while living in an RV, for example when people staying at home can relax at night, the couple are still confuse where they will stop and sleep.

We are trying to find out where we will sleep that night. When will we be able to fill water? There is a little stress involve but it is very pleasant, he added.

They enjoy travel after trip. Their house will move around every day.

We both know that we don’t want to be in the hometown we started and it is just like we are figuring out where our house will be one day, Adam said.