Businessmen Fear Riots Like 1998 Repeated

Businessmen Fear Riots Like 1998 Repeated

Businessmen Fear Riots Like 1998 Repeated – Entrepreneurs who have been battered by the impact of Corona (COVID-19) expect the government to maintain security well. The reason is, the terrible impact of the Corona virus that is now felt by the community can trigger riots.

The CEO of Royal Agro Indonesia, Final Prajnanta said that with this crisis there is one potential that has not been much highlighted, namely that this country must be safe. He was worried that Indonesia’s condition which was being shaken because of the Corona virus attack was used by a group of people to create riots.

In fact, creating riots like the 1998 tragedy.

Because of the potential for parties to become mounted by this crisis. We learn from 1998, it could have happened. Now there are several in Tangerang, Malang, said the Final in the PAN Online DPP Online Discussion, Friday (4/17/2020).

He hoped state officials, both TNI and Polri, would continue to monitor developments in the field as the impact of Corona was felt by the community, especially in the economic sector. As is known Corona’s impact on the economic sector has led to millions of people being laid off or laid off, including without being paid or cut in half.

With this crisis situation there is one potential that has not been much highlighted is we want this country to be safe. The front guard, the police, the military, really have to pay attention to national security, he said.

In addition, he also likens the current problems such as the whole world is fighting aliens. No one is ready to face the current conditions, including all types of companies.

Various sectors experience obstacles. I talked to furniture exporters. The problem is that hundreds of employees are still working, but the importing country has been locked down, so there is no income. This is a very alarming situation, Final said

On the other hand entrepreneurs should be able to take wise steps. He himself was the first thing he did by inviting discussion with all his employees. The discussion must be honest.

As an entrepreneur, it was the first time to Poker Online Medan invite all employees to discuss the potential for this crisis. We have been discussing with employees from the beginning of February about what risks will occur, he said.

He discussed with his employees also discussed the risks that would occur. Including the risk of companies not being able to pay their employees’ salaries.

So that we can talk whether there is a salary delay or not pay salary or salary deductions. The point is there is an attitude of transparency between business people and their employees, he said.