Cakung Timur Residents Initiative Overcomes Corona Pandemic

Cakung Timur Residents Initiative Overcomes Corona Pandemic – The actions of residents in the Jakarta Garden City (JGC) housing complex, East Cakung, East Jakarta, should be emulated in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents in the neighborhood independently form a Task Force. This can be seen from the community’s cooperation as in the manufacture of disinfectant booths.

Advisor of the East Java JGC COVID-19 Task Force, Muchlas Rowie revealed, the initial initiative for the formation of the Task Force came from several community leaders and discussions with the local LMK, RW and RT.

The involvement in initiating this Task Force is in accordance with the direction of the Minister of SOE, Erick Tohir, who advocates that each director and commissioner participate in helping the community in handling COVID-19, Muchlas said through his written statement, Thursday (4/16)

Cakung Timur Residents Initiative Overcomes Corona Pandemic

He added, so far the Task Force (Gugas) had played its role well in handling, assisting, and facilitating one of its citizens who suffered from symptoms of COVID-19 until finally declared complete recovery.

There were two cases, one was cured and it was an extraordinary struggle. How to escort to provide food and drink. Including finally, when he first had symptoms then finally asked for APD, I love, then accompanied to the hospital to get a rapid test after it was assisted all logistics, he said.

Muchlas added that in carrying out his duties, Volunteer Gugas were equipped with health protocols and were always equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The COVID-19 JGC Task Force also has a communication channel with a one-door system, through a publicist assigned to provide information. Not only that, Gugas also has a number of volunteers who carry out operational tasks.

Separately, JGC East Cakung COVID-19 Task Force Chairperson, Lukito Gunawan said, preventively his side had carried out and carried out all the appeals and recommendations submitted by the government.

We (the Task Force) socialized it, even we distributed masks and vitamins to the people who needed it, he said. Poker Online

He hopes that the community can cooperate with each other and support every activity that is engaged in preventing COVID-19.

Let’s leave our personal egos, as long as we do our best, he said.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Task Force COVID-19 – RW 14 JGC East Cakung, Handy said, the establishment of this Task Force aims to prevent Covid-19 for residents and prevention of ODP or PDP in JGC more focused.

The operational costs for the COVID-19 Officer are sourced from joint ventures between RW, RT and LMK and if needed will open up community contributions with clear and broadcast accountability for all JGC residents, he added.