Easy Ways to Clean Used Sticker Glue on the Motorcycle Body

Easy Ways to Clean Used Sticker Glue on the Motorcycle Body – Motorcycle owners who do not want to look standard iron horse, usually make various changes to make it seem more different.

In addition to modifying, a way that is often done to change the look is to put a sticker or striping on the motor body.

Although only using stickers is believed to change the appearance of a favorite iron horse and look fresher and cooler.

Moreover, if the sticker or striping used is unique from abroad such as from Thailand, Malaysia or other countries. Poker Online Manado

The advantage of using this sticker is easier to replace than when the motor body is replaced with painted color.

In addition, this sticker installation only takes a few hours far faster than when painting.

The owner of the motorbike can also change the stickers whenever he wants. Only removing this sticker will usually leave glue marks on the motor body.

If the stickers used are strong adhesives, then the remaining glue left behind will also be so imprinted.

But if not, then the glue can come up when the sticker is removed. For used glue stickers that are still attached can be cleaned easily and safely for the motor body.

Custom Custombike modification workshop owner, Lerry Rahmat Rizky said, one of which can be used to clean glue used is eucalyptus oil.

Cleaning this used glue can use eucalyptus oil, it’s safe enough to paint on the body of the motorbike.

The process of cleaning is also quite easy, that is, prepare the ingredients first such as eucalyptus oil and cloth.

Try to use a cloth that is made from soft so it will not scratch the body of a favorite motorcycle.

If the equipment is complete, the next step is to wet the cloth using eucalyptus oil.

Then wipe the cloth that has been given eucalyptus oil slowly to the part to be cleaned.

Repeat this step if the glue used to stick to the motor body has not been lost or clean.

“You can also clean it using gasoline or liquid soap,” said the man who also provides decal stickers for this motorcycle.