Emmanuel Macron Tightened Funding for the Mosque

Emmanuel Macron Tightened Funding for the Mosque – France will tighten foreign funding for mosques, end the election of imams by other countries, and withdraw the permission of other countries to control language courses. This policy was made by the French president as a campaign against Islamic politics, the Financial Times reported.

Emmanuel Macron

The campaign against Islamic politics was carried out by French President Emmanuel Macron while seeking support from the right voters ahead of local elections in March. Macron aims to fight ‘Islamist separatism’ in several cities in France.

Emmanuel Macron Tightened Funding for the Mosque

It is not acceptable for anyone who does not obey the laws of the French Republic even in the name of religion or foreign powers. The Republic must keep its promises, we must fight against discrimination, we must place meritocracy everywhere, Macron said.

He said French courses for 80 thousand students studying Arabic, Turkish and other languages from their home countries created an “important vector of separatism”. Because many teachers do not speak French or care about French culture. Ceme 99 Online

Macron also sai that many imams appoint in France were link to Salafism or Muslim fraternity. They preached against the French Republic. The (French) state will train the priests in France so that they learn the language and laws of the (French) Republic, he said.

Macron said that France could not reach an agreement with Turkey regarding foreign teachers in France. I still have hope but if Turkey cannot reach an agreement, then France will provide this education on its own, Voice of America Turkish quoted Macron as saying.

Macron explained, the Turks who lived in France were French just like everyone else who lived in the country. Then Turkish law cannot be accepted on French soil.

Macron’s remarks came amid growing concern in France about the influence of radical Islamic groups. While France is home to 5.7 million Muslims.

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has previously criticized Macron for using the phrase ‘Islamic terrorism’. Turkey has also criticized the draft proposal for a French law adopted by the Senate last year. The law stipulates that mothers wearing headscarves release their headscarves when participating in school trips.