If Corona Patients Are Responsible, BPJS Deficits Can Be Widened

If Corona Patients Are Responsible, BPJS Deficits Can Be Widened – Head of BPJS Advocacy Coordinator Watch Timboel Siregar said the government’s plan to ask BPJS Health to cover the funding of participants who were infected with the corona virus has the potential to cause a new deficit. The BPJS Health deficit is predicted to widen if the Ministry of Finance does not immediately disburse the funds of participants receiving contribution fees or PBI.

If Corona Patients

“It could increase BPJS’s debt to hospitals and the 1 percent fine will increase,” Timboel said in a short message to Tempo, Friday, March 20, 2020.

BPJS Health deficit until the end of 2019 reached Rp 13 trillion. Timboel explained, to anticipate the occurrence of new debt problems in the future, he urged Finance Minister Sri Mulyani to immediately pay PBI contributions six months in advance with a value of Rp 24 trillion.

The money can later be used to temporarily patch BPJS Health debts to hospitals that have not been paid in the past. With this debt repayment, the hospital will have the ability to provide full service to corona patients. Of course this policy must be followed by government commitment, he said.

However, Timboel actually supports the government’s efforts to divert the funding of the corona outbreak to the national health insurance program or JKN. According to him, this step can suppress the dualism of patient guarantees so that patients are not confused. KASKUS

Sri Mulyani previously stated that the government had drafted a presidential regulation draft related to national health insurance covered by the Health BPJS. One of these drafts will include financing cases for patients who are positive for the corona virus in the hospital.

Even though the Ministry of Health already has a budget post, Sri Mulyani said that the financing problem also depends on the number of cases and their handling. In this case, BPJS is asked to cover so that later accountability can be accounted for, he said.