Jokowi Prepares Funds of Rp. 25 T for Basic Needs During Corona

Jokowi Prepares Funds of Rp. 25 T for Basic Needs During Corona – President Joko Widodo claimed the government had reserved a budget of Rp. 25 trillion for basic needs including for market operations to logistics.

According to him, the budget of tens of trillions was to ensure the availability of basic commodities during the Corona virus (COVID-19).

Jokowi Prepares Funds

“In anticipation of basic needs, the government has allocated Rp. 25 trillion to meet basic needs and market and logistical operations,” Jokowi said in a video conference at the Bogor Palace.

The amount of funds follows the government’s decision to determine the status of public health emergencies in Indonesia.

Previously, Jokowi established the emergency health status of the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic that occurred in the country. This takes into account the risk factors of the Covid-19 outbreak.

“The government has determined Covid-19 as a type of disease with risk factors that lead to public health emergencies. And therefore the government has determined the status of public health emergencies,” Jokowi said in a statement broadcast on the Youtube account of the Presidential Secretariat on Tuesday.

From this factor, the government then decided on the option of large-scale social restrictions. The decision was discussed at a cabinet meeting. To overcome the impact of the outbreak, I have decided in a cabinet meeting, the option we choose is a large-scale social restriction or CBS

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said the government would eliminate electricity tariffs for customers with 450 Volt Ampere. This policy was taken by the government to help the small people who were affected by the government policy that asked its citizens to temporarily stay at home to cut off the spread of the corona virus or covid-19.

Jokowi Prepares Funds

Jokowi explained, the policy is valid for the next three months, or from April to June 2020.

“I need to convey the electricity tariff, for electricity customers of 450 VA (Volt Ampere) which number 24 million customers will be free for the next 3 months for April, May, and June 2020,” Jokowi said through a press conference video. tips mudah menang dominoqq

Then for customers with 900 VA electricity bills will get a 50 percent discount. Jokowi Prepares Funds

Customers will only pay half the price and apply for the next three months.

Jokowi said that for residents who use 900 VA electricity there are around 7 million throughout Indonesia. Whereas for 900 VA customers, the number of which is around 7 million will be discounted by 50 percent. This means only paying half for April May and June 2020