The reason Alexander-Arnold uses Liverpool’s Back number 66

The reason Alexander-Arnold uses Liverpool's Back number 66

The reason Alexander-Arnold uses Liverpool’s Back number 66 – Who doesn’t know a young Liverpool defender who is currently a great player in the world, Trent Alexander-Arnold, who wears an unusual number for the defender, 66.

The reason Alexander-Arnold uses Liverpool’s Back number 66

The numbers usually recognized by wing backs are identical to number 2 or 3, but why does Arnold wear number 66?

There is no special reason for Trent wearing big numbers when he was promoted from the academy to play in the Liverpool Senior Team.

Because the number 66 was given when he was first promoted to play in Liverpool’s main squad of the academy which is indeed the hallmark of the sport director and his team to give large numbers to the players of the academy who managed to penetrate into the main Squad.

This is seen as a way to prevent that the thinking of the academy player feels he has become an important part of the team so that he plays less well than he plays at the academy.

This is the reason that made Trent get a big number that is 66 when his debut played in the first team and Senior Liverool in 2016/2017 until now.

It was also said by Liverpool jersey management coordinator Lee Radcliffe that Trent was a relaxed player and didn’t ask much when he broke into the first team in the Squad.

And it’s strange to see him lifting the Champions League Trophy using that number, but when is there any special reason for him to give a big number to the right-wing back.

Lee admitted that it had indeed become the basis if indeed academy players made it into the Main Squad to get a large number Agen Domino.

But indeed the ability of Trant Alexander-Arnold can not be denied anymore, that he had successfully led Liverpool to win the Champions League last season.

And also Trent actually wearing number 2 while still in the academy, but for the Senior team number 2 there are already using the other wing-back players namely Nathaniel Clyne.