Trump Wants to Cover His Own Ulcer

Trump Wants to Cover His Own Ulcer – In the midst of increasing numbers of corona virus sufferers in the United States, President Donald Trump again made a surprising decision. The Trump administration announced it was stopping funding for the World Health Organization (WHO). The move was carried out by Trump because WHO was considered not neutral and favored China more about various policies.

As is known, the United States is the largest contributor to WHO funding. That is 400 million dollars per year.

Trump’s decision instantly made many parties react. Some even say if the decision is not in accordance with the US constitution.

Trump Wants to Cover

Reported by theguardian, the White House cannot stop funding international institutions mandated by the congress. However, the Trump administration has found a way to overcome such constitutional obstacles, with an agenda to frustrate the release of funds or the application of sanctions.

Funding can be officially canceled by following the appropriate channels. Namely with the approval of the Senate, or transferred to other fields in accordance with the decision of the congress. poker online makassar

However, academics consider Trump’s decision to be unwise and only make it difficult for many parties in the midst of the war against the COVID-19 corona virus.

Some even considered that the step was taken by Trump because he wanted to cover up his mistakes in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

As is known, the United States is currently listed as the country with the highest number of corona sufferers in the world. According to data, as many as 614,246 Americans have contracted corona with the number of deaths reaching 26,064.

“Whatever happens, this is a rash and dangerous decision,” said Alexandra Phelan, assistant professor at Georgetown University’s faculty of Global Security and Health Sciences. poker online makassar

The decision was very strange and certainly detrimental to public health globally, “said Gavin Yamey, Director of Duke University’s Global Health Impact Policy.

“He (Trump) just wants to cover up the mistakes that made his government the worst government in the world in handling COVID-19,” continued Yamey