Youth in Solo Declared Masters Degree in 11 Universities

Youth in Solo Declared Masters Degree in 11 Universities – A young resident of Panularan Sub-District, Laweyan Sub-District, Solo named Parama Pradana Suteja, did not expect that his application to attend 11 universities in the United States (US) would all be accepted.

During a year of preparation, it turned out that the 24-year-old youth’s efforts were not in vain.

From February to March 2020 yesterday, he received announcements of graduation from one of the leading universities in the world.

Youth in Solo Declared Masters Degree in 11 Universities

His name was declared passed in the selection of new S2 students at 11 universities.

Submit Yourself to 11 Colleges

Starting from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Yale University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, to Columbia University stated its name passed in the selection of new students.

He claimed to prepare various documents and requirements for a year while working in his field, architecture.

In January 2020, Pradana began registering at these campuses.

The reason for registering at various tertiary institutions is as a backup to be accepted into one of the tertiary institutions.

Then in the month of February to March 2020, I began to get an announcement. Either by email, or there is also someone who called me directly from a lecturer there, Pradana said as quoted by Tribunnews, Saturday (18/04/2020).

Of the eleven campuses that accept it, seven campuses are ready to provide educational scholarships which, in total, is worth Rp 12 billion.

Reasons to Choose Harvard

From a series of classy universities, Pradana had to choose one university, until Harvard University was chosen.

His choice at Harvard also went through a long process.

Since graduating from high school, Pradana studied S1 at Diablo Valley College and then transferred to the University of California Berkeley.

Diablo Valley College is making the transition from high school to my first campus at the University of California Berkeley, he said.

Pradana is majoring in architecture and minor majoring in landscape architecture theory and environmental planning. Poker Online Pontianak

There he increasingly had a broad view of education.

Many of his lecturers were Harvard graduates so he was encouraged to follow in his footsteps.

“There, my lecturers from Harvard too. I began to open my mind, it turns out like this yes people from Harvard,” he said.

Pradana continued, there was something that made him interested and finally chose Harvard.

“People are smart, if they speak difficult language. So I was inspired to be able to continue studying at Harvard,” added Pradana.

A Struggle That Is Not Easy

Since childhood, Pradana grew up in Solo, from elementary to high school.

He is a graduate of Regina Pacis Solo High School in 2014.

Pradana admitted that many people had inspired and encouraged him to pursue the best education.

He successfully presented them to 11 of the world’s universities.

For my parents, my teachers, or my relatives, who have supported me until now, he said.

Pradana admitted, the struggle to be able to qualify in 11 world universities was not easy.

How do I prepare for this S2. Because I am not playing around because it is also difficult to get in there (well-known campuses), he said.

In addition, Pradana was apparently also inspired by singer Maudy Ayunda who is also known to be intelligent.

Maudy also got confused choosing two campuses that received it, namely Harvard and Stanford.

I hope to contribute to the Indonesian nation, in the context of inspiring friends in Indonesia as well. he concluded.